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Reverse Vending - RVM Systems automate the recognition, collection and sorting of used beverage containers for recycling or for reuse.

Stand Alone RVM systems

We have delivered thousands of RVM systems and have over 32 years experience and know-how in the field of reverse vending machines.
We promise to find the best solution to your specific needs. We have local representatives to speak with at your convenience. We have RVM Systems on stock in the UK for next day delivery.

Through the wall solutions

RVM Systems save you time and money because your staff can concentrate on the customers and the store and not the reverse vending systems. We have developed a system that works "non stop" , when a compaction storage container unit is full , then the used beverage containers are sent over to the next container, enabling the store staff more time to empty the machine.

High Tech RVM System

Our new RVM Systems are not just beautiful with their clean design, they are built for durability, strength and reliability. The systems are modular which makes it easy to adapt to the store size and needs. The RVM Systems can be delivered as a single or double machine and can be combined with how many compactor cabinets you like. We also have systems with crate recognition. With our 360 degree recognition , the systems are "future proof" able to accept all kind of used beverage containers.


RVM Systems are easy to use and easy to manage. We have over 1500 trained engineers in the UK and a dedicated call centre for our clients.
We monitor your system 24/7 Our software monitors your rvm system in real time 24/7. In most cases we rectify issues remotely. A site visit by an engineer is rarely required, however we do have full UK Coverage with spares held in local hubs spread around the country. We deliver all machines with 12 month warranty and together with our partners, we provide the best service and maintenance.

  • Service and Maintenance

    Our service team monitor your rvm system 24/7.
    In most cases we rectify issues remotely. A site visit by an engineer is rarely required, however we do have UK Coverage with spares held in a local hubs.

  • Dedicate Help center

    More than 2/3 of faults can be solved by telephone support and remote control management.
    Call for service Monday to Friday 8-20 and Saturdays from 10-16.

  • Deposit Return Schemes

    RVM Systems are the centerpiece of Deposit Return Systems (DRS) producing return rates from 70% to over 96% Deposit Return Systems Simply Work!

  • Reverse Vending in the UK

    We installed the FIRST Reverse Vending Machines in the UK over three decades ago.
    Today our clients have access to over 1500 fully trained engineers around the UK.
    We have a dedicated retail team in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
    We are so confident in our "Reverse Vending" reputation that we own the trademark "Reverse Vending".

Some of the features of our RVM Systems

360o bar code reading and video shape detection. Horizontal feed,up to 60 items per minute. High Res 10.4 "touch display- customer interface with back light.
Telemetry - Remote control/monitoring Pro-active monitoring,analysis via LAN. Event log with detailed information.
Maintenance Dip and clean in feed unit. Easy to clean and empty.
Flexibility The system is easy to expand as your needs grow. We use the same technology in every different size range..

Did you find what you need?

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Why choose us ?

  • Over 5000 RVM Systems already installed.
  • We have 32 years experience.
  • RVM Systems installed in Norway, Finland, Sweden.
  • We installed the FIRST Reverse Vending Machines in the UK.
  • We have full UK Coverage with 1500 + engineers.
  • We have a dedicated UK retail team.

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Stand Alone RVM System

This machine range is part of a new generation of reverse vending machines. Developed on a new technology platform and prepared for future challenges. This is a compact machine with a small foot print incorporating the latest technology available. This machine shares the same Technology platform as the larger machines.

  • High Res 10.4 "touch display customer interface with back light
  • 360 Degree Recognition: Fast - accepts 60 containers per minute
  • Telemetry "real time" connection included: Yes
  • Voltage: 230 v

Touch Screen Menu

The large 10.4 inch Touch Screen allows the user to choose from a large menu . The latest Customer interface technology, enables easy to follow instructions with high quality images and text. Encouraging an increase in returns and footfall in your store.

  • Dimension: 26.416 cm
  • Colour Touch Screen: Promotions, Adverts and User walk through
  • Charity Donation: User may choose a refund or donate to a charity
  • Languages: User selects language

360-degree recognition system

The 360 degree recognition system scans each recycled container so rapidly that the objects do not require rotation. The 360 recognition enables very fast returns and includes anti-fraud features designed to ensure security and accuracy.

  • 360-degree recognition: Fast , Secure and Accurate
  • Anti - Fraud: Security Anti-Fraud Features
  • Speed: up to 60 items per minute
  • Accepted Size: Accepts containers up to 3 litre bottles - 1 litre cans


Storage of data is held locally in the machine. Event log with detailed information. Status can be viewed on screen and printer. Online pro-active monitoring and analysis via LAN Secure Portal for your data.

  • Remote Monitoring: We monitor your machine 24/7 365 days a year
  • Deposit Container Database: Updated remotely to all RVM's
  • Deposit Return System: This range of machines are used today in Deposit Return Systems
  • Voucher and Touch Screen: We are able to update the vouchers and touch screen content remotely over a secure telemetry system.